Gnarly Barley Beer Dinner

"Not Ya Mama's Christmas Dinner," featuring Gnarly Barley Brewing


The Pelican House will be using four brilliant brews from Gnarly Barley Brewing to bring you a non-traditional, but delectable, holiday beer dinner. Each course will be served with full pints of the beer they are paired with.

  • First Course: Family Style Spread, paired with Catahoula Common
  • Second Course: Seafood and Mirliton Stuffing, paired with Radical Rye PA
  • Third Course: Turkey and gravy, paired with their Unnamed Combo Beer
  • Fourth Course: Roasted Lamb with Mint Jelly, paired with Korova Milk Porter
  • Fifth Course: Milk and Cookies, paired with Apple Cinnamon Bourbon Eggnog
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